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Beautiful and well-treated feet are surely desired by all females. With proper care and a little aesthetic intervention, beautiful feet are no longer an unattainable goal. Zlochesti Studio offers aesthetic pedicure, gel on toenails and reparation of the toenails. If you want to know more about aesthetic pedicure, you can read our blog post PEDICURE & HEEL FILES.

Services at Zlochesti Studio


Aesthetic pedicure service with removal of dry and rough skin from the feet and trimming toenails. The entire treatment is performed with pedicure files of different granulations without compromising the integrity of the client’s skin. For a longer lasting result, professional cosmetic products with a hydrating effect are used.


This service includes trimming the cuticle and nail plate of the toes with professional tools, and aesthetic treatment of nails with a polymer material of the client’s choice.


Recommended for clients who have an aesthetic problem with their toes. The shape of the nail is achieved with polygel system.

We ask all current and future clients to understand that our foot care services are exclusively for aesthetic purposes. If you have a problem that requires medical pedicure, it must be subjected to a professionally trained person before beautification can take place.
Not sure who to turn for this? Contact us and we will be happy to recommend one of our expert colleagues.

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