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The art of hand care has been known to women since ancient times. Zlochesti Studio offers natural care, as well as the production and care of modelled nails. All necessary tools are sterilized and disinfected to keep clients safe and protected. The material for modelled nails is produced according to the regulations for use on natural nails.


Combined technique for trimming cuticles and natural nails. The salon manicure includes the removal of dry cuticles, nail shaping, refining the nail plate with calcium varnish and varnishing in the desired colour.


Cuticle trimming technique with an electric file with specialized carbide and diamond extensions. Treatment includes cleaning the nail plate, removing dry cuticles and polishing the skin for a clean and tidy result. Haven’t you had a chance to see what this manicure tool looks like? Watch our video here.


Strengthening and correcting the appearance of the nail plate with professional products from the gellac system, which enables the creation of a natural nail appearance that is easy to wear. With a palette of over 100 colors, you are sure to find your favorite shade. Correction is recommended for 21 days.


Strengthening and modelling of natural nails with gel or polygel system. Correcting the shape of the nail with a professional material for a feeling of firmness that is easy to wear and gives a lasting result. Correction is recommended after 21 days.


Involves correcting the shape of the modelled nail and restoring the existing material on the nail plate. How long the correction process itself will take depends on the way it is made and the type of material with which the nails are modelled.


Nail extension service with professional plastic tips. The shape of the nail is built with a gel or polygel system. Correction is recommended after 21 days.


For all those who want to make their nails shine in full glow. Nail modelling technique on a paper template where the length of the free edge is at least 3 cm. It is important to know that these forms of nails are not easy to wear and are not convenient for most everyday activities. But that’s why they are referred to as extreme. The correction from the extreme form to the salon form is done after 14 days. It is recommended to remove the extreme form after three weeks, in order to prevent possible breaking or injury of the natural nail.


Nail extension technique on a paper template. Whether it is micro modelling or casting a longer salon form, the service includes the preparation and installation of materials according to the latest principles and modern methods. Correction is recommended after 21 days.


Intended for clients who bite their nails, and for clients who have a problematic nail plate caused by some trauma. With the help of professional materials, the nail is repaired so that the end result has a satisfactory aesthetic finish. In these cases, a consultation is advised to first determine the most appropriate way to treat the problematic nail plate.


Service of removing polymeric material from natural nails. Depending on the method of production and the type of material with which the nails are modelled, the appropriate filing or melting technique is applied in order to minimize the damage to the natural nail.

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