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Try to imagine a modern nail tech without e-file. It does not make sense, right?
The electric drill appeared about the same time as acrylic nail extensions, and immediately reserved their place in the nail industry.
Today e-file is an integral part in the nail service. In addition to refills, e-file  has a role in natural nail treatment.
There are various electric files, different strengths, colors and manufacturers. So how do you choose the right one?
A nail drill is a must-have tool for every nail tech, especially those who want to provide a quality, fast and modern service to their customers.
In order to select the right drill, you need to know five basic rules for a good electric nail file.


The power of the e-file should be the most important thing when it comes to nail drills. Power has nothing to do with rotation speed. It is measured in V (volts), and not input power. If the drill is not powerful enough,  it wont be able to remove products properly. A good e-file should have a minimum 30V.


For manicures and refills you will need to work forward and reverse. This button allows you to change the direction of rotation of your nail bit, that will allow you to work in different directions without twisting your or your clients hands. This button is essential for a good Russian manicure (preformed with an e-file).


The higher number of rounds per minute, the better. Speed  should be at least 30 000 RPM. Although  you will not work at top speed all the time, but you need a strong device.


For a long working day, you will need a light hand piece to go with your drill. If the hand piece is too heavy you wont be able to work fast and it will not feel comfortable. A light hand piece wont give you unnecessary hand and wrist pain.


Standard 3/32 bits are the answer. You will need plenty of different bits to work with.
For fast and precise refill you will need a set of at least two carbide bits. And in the Russian manicure (e-file mani), where we treat natural nails and cuticles, diamond bits are needed.

E-file is an essential part of a quality nail service. And it can be used for refills, manicures, pedicures and in advanced nail design.

Watch “Zlochesti Nokti” video – Russian Manicure, on drill bits for natural nail & cuticle care.

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