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Is Your Manicure Safe?

From trend to a routine in presonal care, the question to ask is: Is your manicure safe?
Bleeding cuticles, bacterial infections, chunks of nails plate missing; you have heard the nail salon horror stories.
There is danger lurking everywhere with uncertified nail technicians preforming unsanitary nail services. When customers arent aware of these things, the pontential for injury and infection is greater then you may realize. Clients must be educated so they can recognize when they step in a salon with suspicious nail service.

To make sure your manicure is clean and safe, pay attention to next few things when at a nail salon:

Painful manicure – Sore, red, swollen skin around the nails is the first indicator that something went wrong during the service. Accidents can happen occasionally, but if a technician is rushing through the process so much that is hurting the client, that definitely isn’t a safe manicure.

Cleanliness of the salon – Three areas to look into are floors, bathroom and workspace. If a salon is not cleaned after every service, it is a sign that the service may be sloppy as well.

Tainted tools – Dirty tools can transfer germs and infection. Certain tools like nail files and buffing sponges, which get clogged with people’s dead skin, should never be reused. Other tools like cuticle cutters and clippers, should be disinfected for at least 10 minutes, or better yet sterilized in an autoclave to kill living pathogens. Clients hand should be disinfected before starting the service.

Quality products – Clients should know what’s getting applied on their skin and nails. The chemicals used at each nail salon should be always professional nail products made for use on human skin and nails. Adequate nail products won’t damage the natural nail.

Bad manicure
Good manicure

A clean and safe manicure is a long lasting manicure. The most important thing about it, is for manicure to be safe. Unsanitary nail service performed by non certified nail technician will result in infections and nail fungal diseases. Nails should be a beauty treatment not a painful experience.

Watch “Zlochesti Nokti” video – Russian Manicure, on drill bits for natural nail & cuticle care.

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