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Proper foot care includes regular maintenance and a proper pedicure service. It doesn’t matter if you are prepairing your feet for first sandalas of the season, or doing a recovery treatment after sandy beaches from your vacation. Pedicure shouldn’t be a rough and agressive filing of feet, but a treatment for callus softening not its entire removal.

Pedicure consists of a warm soak for callus softening, filing the excess rough skin, a manicure for the toes and a massage with a nourising lotion or balm. Feet should be trated only with foot files or pumice stone. Metal callus scrappers and padicure rayors should be left for a expirienced medical professional. Because removing more callus then necessary amd skin will respond by producing more callus (in oreder to protect itself). Having a thin layer of callus is normal and healthy, as it provides protection from everyday friction and pressure.

Groomed feet include neat toenails. Toe nails should be short, and shaped in a soft square, so thay can grow properly. Deppending on the quality of nails, finish the pedicure off with polish, gel polish or gel manicure on the toenails.

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