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Colors & Skin Tones

Colors & Skin Tones

Lifestyle of a modern woman dictates one simple rule: she must be fine-tuned from head to toes. Nails have become a crucial part of a woman’s look. The color, shape and length of our nails are the first indicator of our personal care. The right color is the most important choice.
So choose a color that complements your sink tone.


If you have a pale skin tone, congratulations you can choose from a wide range of colors. Persons with a very light skin tone are consider to be the winter people for their fair skin. Colors that complement your skin are light shades of pink, purple and bright reds. Avoid dark shades, an especially yellow, gold and blue shades, because they can make you skin look grey.


Girls with skin that is I between pale dark tones can wear any color they choose. Metallic shades are a great choice for a stand out effect. Vivid colors should be your first choice. Orange, pink and blues will make your skin look darker, and if you want a more refined look you should stick to soft shades like baby pink or silver tones. Avoid white and dark purple nails, so your hands won’t look pale.


Dark skin tones have a reddish pigment, and should avoid pastel shades and opaque white nails so that red won’t be so noticeable. Dark shades should be your first choice if your skin tone is darker. Copper and caramel shades will give your skin a warm glow. Recommended color would be red, burgundy, dark green and chocolate shades.

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